About Us

Hello, my name is Anthony. I’m the guy behind ‘Digital Sage’.

Anthony From Digital Sage Computer Help In MerimbulaI’ve been tinkering with computer, electronics, and other questionable things since i was 7 years old. One day in 1984,  this ‘thing’ turned up in a corner of our school room. It was a Apple IIe Computer.

Then, i was given a Commodore 64 by my grandfather Roy. That was the beginning of a obsessive exploration into computers (& how they worked)

Fast forward 30 years later to 2012, after many years in the IT & Service Industry, i decided to start my own business. I saw a opportunity to use my skills to create a new level of on-site computer service for small businesses and home users.

When doing my market research i found the on-site computer market was dominated by ‘big guy’ nationwide on-site service providers that often charged expensive fees to cover their overheads, pay their employee’s, and meet their tremendous marketing costs.

On the other end of the scale, i found a lot of no-name, Joe Blogs, computer repair technicians. Whilst i couldn’t attest to the quality of either sides work, i could easily see how potential clients would be put off by the whole industry.

So, that’s where Digital Sage’s ‘vision’ was born. Professional, on-site I.T. services to small businesses and home users, that provided ‘quality’ , ‘personal’ service at the right price, and backed by a guarantee. In other words, giving you certainty, trust, and peace of mind. What’s not to like?

Overall, so far we’re extremely happy with the result. To see what others think, please consult our testimonials pages,