Apple Mac Repairs, Service & Support

digital-sage-backgroundDigital Sage Offers Apple Mac Repairs, Service, & Support  to the greater Canberra Region.

We offer fast and professional service - often helping people out the same day. We can either come to you onsite - to your home or business - or fix your problems remotely.  Established since 2012, we've helped out hundreds of customers over the past four years, with a range of Mac & PC related computer problems, challenges and issues.

Apple Mac Service & Support

  • Apple Mac Data Recovery
  • Apple Mac Lost Files
  • Apple Mac Grey Screen
  • Apple Mac Not Booting
  • Apple Mac Repairs
  • Apple Mac Ram Upgrades
  • Apple Mac White Screen Booting Problems
  • Apple Mac SSD Upgrade
  • Onsite Apple Mac Support
  • OSX Upgrades & Re-Installations
  • PC / MAC Integration
  • Mac Malware / Viruses (Yes, they exist!)
  • Slow Apple Mac Issues
  • Wifi / Networking ADSL Support

Apple Mac Service & Support

  • Macbook Pro Data Recovery
  • Macbook Pro Grey Screen
  • Macbook Pro Not Booting
  • Macbook Pro Repairs
  • Macbook Pro Ram Upgrades
  • Macbook Pro White Screen Booting Problems
  • Macbook Pro SSD Upgrade
  • iMac Data Recovery
  • iMac Grey Screen
  • iMac Not Booting
  • iMac Repairs
  • iMac Ram Upgrades
  • iMac White Screen Booting Problems
  • iMac SSD Upgrade

Unlike a computer shop, which requires you to take your computer in to be assessed, we offer both onsite & remote support.

Remote Computer SupportRemote Support is where you download a simple piece of software that allows us to connect to your computer. Then, we can see your screen, control your keyboard and mouse... and fix your issues, as if we were sitting in front of it.

We use Teamviewer - the worlds most trusted remote support software - which only allows us to connect to your computer once you authorise it. It's safe, secure, quick, and best of all... EASY 🙂

Onsite Computer Support MerimbulaOnsite Support - where we come to your home or business, is great for more complicated jobs, in-home computer training, or small business computer support. We come to you - at a time that suits you - and attend to any issues and questions you might have. 

Many of our customers in the past have found this service to be very helpful, and we advise our clients to make a list, so we can address multiple computer issues in the one visit!

No matter what your Mac or PC computer challenge is, if it's just something small - like getting a printer to work - or if your computer has crashed and having a major meltdown - we're here to help. 

If you find yourself wasting hours trying to fix your computer issues - why not give us a call, and see how we can help! Phone Anthony on 0468 333 996, put those computer problems behind you, and get on with enjoying life 🙂