Solutions To Fixing Low Wi-Fi Signal Around The House

Wi-fi is great technology. Remember the days when Wi-Fi didn’t exist? You’d have to plug-in your Laptop or Desktop, PC or Mac, to your internet router, or Dial-up modem and you were anchored down by a cable. These days, Wi-Fi gives us the freedom to move about the house, and use our devices from the comfort of our chair, desk, or even outside on the Patio.

But Wi-Fi doesn’t always work the way we want it too. When you’ve having issues picking up a Wi-Fi signal, or if you get patchy reception with just one or two bars, it can really screw up the whole benefit of having Wi-Fi in the first place.

The problem with Wi-Fi is that it has limited range. This range can be cut down by all kinds of issues – Brick Walls, steel supports inside the walls, or even just distance from your Wi-Fi router to the other end of the house.

Here we cover a few solutions that will get you strong Wi-Fi throughout the house.

1. Upgrade your ADSL Modem / Wi-Fi Router.

Some Modems or Routers with Wi-Fi don’t have external antenna’s. Instead the antenna is internal, often just printed on the circuit board. These designs create compact devices, but they don’t give very good range. You can purchase a new ADSL Modem / Router with Wi-Fi, and they’ll have two or even three Antenna. These devices will increase the range of your Wi-Fi, giving you a stronger signal around the house.

2. Extend your Wi-Fi Signal with a Wi-Fi Extender.

These devices work by ‘relaying’ or ‘boosting’ your previous Wi-Fi signal. Best positioned at the midway point between your Wi-Fi router and your laptop or desktop, these extenders pickup your Wi-Fi signal, and create a new Wi-Fi network. The best of these devices have external Antenna, and plug right into the wall. They’re relatively easy to install, especially when you use the WPS technology.

3. Extend your Wi-Fi Signal with a Ethernet over Power device, with Wi-Fi built in. 

These devices, similar to the extenders, work in a similar way, but use your existing power lines to send data, with the other end acting as an access point. Great for situations where you simply cannot pickup your Wi-Fi, such as the other end of a large house, or creating a new Wi-Fi signal in a distant room, garage, or outer building.

Either of these options will work for you, depending on the situation. They key is being able to measure how far your existing Wi-Fi network will go, and planning accordingly. Once installed, you’ll enjoy better Wi-Fi reception, and be able to use all your devices, anywhere on your home property.

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