Virus & Malware Protection For Apple Mac’s

There’s a common phrase that ‘Mac’s don’t get viruses’, which unfortunately isn’t exactly true. Whilst we’ve never seen a Apple Mac computer infected with a ‘virus’, we’ve seen quite a few that have malware infestations.

Malware can take many forms on a Apple mac. It can sit within your browser, taking over the home page, redirecting you to pages you didn’t want, or even convincing you that the FBI or Australian Federal Police have infiltrated your computer, found questionable images, and require a payment to ‘unlock’ you computer.

The good news is, most malware on a Mac  is easily removed. We have been able to successfully remove 100% of all Mac malware we’ve found, and we have a range of special tools to do so.

Ultimately, you want to protect yourself, so that your Mac doesn’t get infected in the first place.

Firstly, We recommend using the Google Chrome Browser, with the Adblock plus extension installed (This is also available for Safari, if you prefer). This stops banners and pop-ups that first invite you to install the adware, usually under the guise of ‘cleaning your mac’. A bonus is that this configuration will also stop ads in general, which makes for a better user experience when using the internet.

Secondly, you can’t go wrong with a internet security product such as Avast. This installs onto your mac, and prevents you from even contracting a virus or malware in the first place. Part of Avast’s setup involves checking whether the site you’re visiting on the internet is legitimate. If it isn’t, it will warn you, and stop you from visiting it unless you choose to ignore the warning and proceed. Best of all, it’s currently free for mac users. You can download it here.

Lastly, you want to make sure that your mac is actually infected, and that it isn’t another issue that’s causing problems. Hard drive failures can cause beachballs and all types of slowdowns. Sometimes when you think you’ve got a malware or virus infection, it’s actually something else. Give you hard drive a quick check with trial ware hard drive diagnosis software DriveDX.

We hope you’ve found the following information useful!

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